Transporting Essential Services during Level 4 Lockdown

Transporting Essential Services during Level 4 Lockdown

Magic Transfers and Mega Coach aiding companies in transporting employees back to work in Level 4 Lockdown

Transporting Essential Services during Level 4 Lockdown

Unitrans Passenger divisions, Magic Transfers, Mega Bus and Mega Coach have been hard at work over the lockdown period. Unitrans passenger has innovatively extended service offerings during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a sanitary and safe transport solution in the lawful movement of passengers and essential services during the National lockdown.

Level 4 lockdown

South Africa headed into Level 4 lockdown from 1 May 2020. With this came a few relaxations as well as a further percentage of workers and industries over and above essential services being allowed to reopen and operate. This resulted in a grace period for the movement of passengers interprovincially which has since ceased. Level 4 lockdown does allow for the operation of some modes of public transport. However, due to the reliance of the South African population on these modes of transport, demands are high and whilst safety measurements have been put in place,  risks of contracting COVID-19 in these environments are higher than that of a controlled environment that you can get from a private charter service.

Magic Transfers Extension of Services

Magic Transfers and Mega Coach are excited to announce the extension of its transport service offerings to include private charter services for companies in accordance with the regulations outlined by the government. The rollout of these extended services aims to aid companies with getting their employees to and from work safely in a controlled environment. The charter services also aim to continue to provide a transport solution to embassies in the movement of passengers for repatriation purposes.

To date, Unitrans Passenger has been leading the movement in the repatriation of stranded travellers and has been working closely with embassies to expertly and successfully transport over 1500 people back to Brazil, Belgium, Canada and Australia. Magic Transfers is also working closely with Qatar Airlines and embassy to bring South Africans home as well as help other nationalities return home via Doha in Qatar. Furthermore, Unitrans Passenger has been actively transporting essential service workers from the mining, financial and medical industries safely.

Magic Transfers Fleet

With a fleet of vehicles ranging from standard sedans to busses, we are literally able to tailor-make a charter service or shuttle solution for any size group to fulfil your needs and requirements.

Our fleet undergoes strict deep cleaning and sanitization before departing from the depots and is operated by expertly trained PDP professionals.

Transporting Essential Services during Level 4 LockdownTransporting Essential Services during Level 4 Lockdown









The Unitrans Passenger Group has the means and ability to provide a transport solution for you during the continued national lockdown and beyond.

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