Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers – Magic Transfers

Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers - Magic Transfers

Top benefits of shuttle transfers in South Africa

Thinking of taking a bus or taxi from the airport to your accommodation? South Africa is a beautiful country and while the locals are accustomed to the public transport system, international travellers might feel overwhelmed using public transport to get to and from the airport or in and around South Africa.

So why do we recommend using a private transfer service such as Magic Transfers over public transport? Here are 5 reasons why Magic transfers should drive you to your destination:

  1. Exclusive Shuttle Service

When making use of public transport, you are part of a group sharing the vehicle. Seats and ventilation aren’t always guaranteed and, when seats are available, you can’t really choose your neighbours. Most of the times, you might get claustrophobic with how crammed the vehicle can get. With shuttle transfers, travelling from the airport is convenient, enjoyable and better for your wellbeing. You have the right to sit where you feel fit and you have ample space to breathe which is better for your health and peace of mind.

Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers - Magic Transfers

  1. Transfer in style

There’s nothing better than feeling important when you leave the airport. Having a shuttle waiting for you is not only convenient, but it means you don’t have to stand in a queue or wait for the bus to arrive. Magic Transfers offers a complimentary meet and greet service from the moment you step into arrivals in the airport- doesn’t that sound like VIP service? Style and exclusivity doesn’t stop there, our vehicles are kept in exceptional condition. The interior of the vehicle is clean and the ride is comfortable. Chances are you’ll enjoy the ride in a new vehicle which is enough to put any business traveller’s mind at ease.

  1. Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers - Magic Transfers


    Safety first

Shuttle companies such as Magic Transfers consider their passenger’s safety as a top priority. The driver of the shuttle will make sure that you reach your destination safely and, more importantly, that you feel safe during the trip. When it comes to public transport, it’s every man for himself. You are likely to travel on an old vehicle which might or might not be properly maintained with a driver who has not undergone strict training which means the security levels are not of the best standard. This is not the case with Magic Transfers. With us, you can be rest assured that you are travelling in a vehicle which undergoes strict maintenance with a professional and experienced PDP driver.

Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers - Magic Transfers 1

  1. Faster transport

With public transport, your destination will only be reached once everyone that gets off before your destination is dropped off. This can prolong a trip enormously. Due to the exclusivity of Magic Transfers, the shuttle driver is driving you directly to your destination will cut out loads of travelling time. The driver is also familiar with all the routes and knows about frequently congested areas, so those can be completely avoided.

Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers - Magic Transfers

  1. Transparency of services

When choosing to travel on public transport, you will need to figure out costs and have no pre-knowledge of your driver – sounds scary right? This is not ideal when travelling around South African roads. Magic Transfers offers complete transparency when booking your shuttle or chauffeur drive. When making your booking with us, you will get your costs upfront as well as your driver’s details, that way there is no hidden surprised upon arrival. This is safety at it’s best at a world-class service level.

Top 5 benefits of shuttle transfers - Magic Transfers

If comfort is what you’re after, shuttle transfer services is definitely for you! It is a practical option for travellers who are unaware of what to expect when arriving on South African shores.


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