Hide out in Gauteng’s coffee cafés this winter


Perfect cafés in Gauteng to hide out in this winter


Johannesburg is the heart of Gauteng and many would agree that there are few things that can beat a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino in the winter especially when consumed at a lovely little café. If you’re in the hub of Gauteng or visiting, allow us to provide you with a little café guide to satisfy your caffeine cravings this winter.


Father Coffee, The Zone, Rosebank

Enjoy a cup of finely roasted java in an airy and sleek space where the aroma of coffee seems to call people from the street corners of Braamfontein. They offer unique blends from Ethiopia, Colombia and Rwanda as well as yummy pastries.

Hide out in Gauteng's coffee cafés this winter

Father Coffee

Bean There Coffee Company, 44 Stanley

With coffee offerings originating from DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya, you’ll get a taste a variety of bewitching organic, direct fair trade coffee. Interested in learning the art of brewing? Bean There has a coffee training school in Johannesburg that offers several courses.

Hide out in Gauteng's coffee cafés this winter

Bean There Coffee Company


Origin Coffee Roasting, Maboneng

Joel Singer had one dream. He wanted to offer South Africa roasted coffee blends from around the world that was shy of exceptional. He opened Origin in 2006 and established a team that’s passionate about the entire process of making coffee.

Hide out in Gauteng's coffee cafés this winter

Origin Coffee Roasting

Vintage Coffee, Centurion

This café was built on a different kind of love story. The two owners got married and started the coffee shop a number of years ago. Now they pour the love and passion they have for coffee into every mug while supporting non-profits along the way. Vintage Coffee is definitely a lovely place to visit with a loved one.

Hide out in Gauteng's coffee cafés this winter

Vintage Coffee

Motherland Coffee

‘Drink the love’ is what you’ll notice the moment you land on their website. They proudly oversee and take responsibility for the coffee from farming through to the inception of a warm cup of ground African beans. With branches in Rosebank, Parktown and Dunkeld West, to name a few, you’ll rarely have an excuse to miss tasting Motherland Coffee‘s sweet blends.

Hide out in Gauteng's coffee cafés this winter 1

Motherland Coffee


South Africans from all around were overjoyed to hear that Starbucks was coming to South Africa and all but piled around when the store opened in 2016. Order yourself a branded cup of iconic brew and a light sandwich for a lunchtime treat. Bring a laptop, try to look busy, and you’ll complete your Starbucks experience.

Hide out in Gauteng's coffee cafés this winter 2


South Africa is home to many stunning cafes and now is the perfect time to explore them. Do you have a favourite café or winter hideout? Join the conversation on social media! inception

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