Four Magical & South African ideas for Family Day this April


Family day is as clear as day: A day to celebrate your loving, brilliant and sometimes playfully-annoying Mom and Dad, brother and sister and of course every uncle and cousin visiting from the Transkei to the KZN, from the Karoo to the Pilanesberg.

Whether you haven’t seen Aunty Sue in just two weeks or that elusive second cousin, Bra Tsheps, in a decade, now is the time to reconnect: To build those bridges that might have worn thin and to think about the bigger picture. Aren’t most of us just lucky to have a family to celebrate at all? Indeed!

So, why not go all out and make it a magical one? Here at Magic Transfers, your most convenient way to get around this Family Day, we’ve put together a list off four awesome and family-fun things to do for a day to remember.

Why not? Family is worth celebrating, after all. So on 2 April, book your Magic Transfer service and celebrate with us!

1. Visit a theme park near you. Hold on tight!

Four Magical & South African ideas for Family Day this AprilYes, you probably haven’t done it in a while and it’s overdue! Theme parks are a whole lot of family fun and you can’t go wrong with a few tummy-turning, dizzy-dashing and downright terrifying theme park rides.

Indeed, there is nothing quite like watching Dad scream like Mom, while little Imran smiles with a mouth full of candy-floss and begs for more.

Check out Gold Reef City, uShaka Marine world and Ratanga Junction for dates, rates and times. Cape Town residents might need to choose an alternative but hey, it ain’t nothing a family-fun surf day can’t fix…



2. Get to the park or the beach. A braai or picnic will do!

Beaches of the Cape Peninsula What better way to celebrate family than by heading out for a picnic or a good ol’ South African braai? Yes, enjoy this simpler time with a game of soccer or touch: It’s not the goals that count anyway, or the tries, it’s the time spent together. Aaah…

Seriously though, the open spaces in all of our major cities defy belief! From the Suikerbosrand south of Johannesburg, to the beaches of the Cape Peninsula and all the way to Durban, how better to celebrate the African spaces designed for us – by braai-ing like there’s no tomorrow?

No doubt, it will be a magical pleasure getting you there and back. Just don’t forget the charcoal! Remember to double-check if where you’re headed allows for a braai.


3. Do what the tourists do. When was the last time you did?

head up to the Cradle of Humankind for an experience of ancient historyDoing what the tourists do is perhaps the best thing you can do this family day. Many of us forget about the extraordinary place that we call home and get consumed by our busy lives. No doubt, it’s understandable too. But, this Family Day take a step back and do what the tourists do…

In Joburg, head up to the Cradle of Humankind for an experience of ancient history; in Cape Town head down to Cape Point for an experience of natural wonder; and in Durban, head into the Valley of a 1000 Hills for some lunch-time touring.

While you do, sit back, relax and take in the sights and sounds like a proper touring family and ask yourself: When was the last time you did this? What a pleasure, what a country, what a family.



4. Before you head out with family, why not hang out with those without one?

This Family Day we are all urged to remember those without a family: The many orphans or older people across our country who will not be able to enjoy Family Day like we will. So, why not head out to a local retirement home or orphanage to help out for the morning or hang out before you head out?

Just saying hello could change a life and be a deeply bonding experience for your own family. So, why not contact a local orphanage or retirement home and head through with a game or two?

Indeed, why not make like Magic, and be the Magic in someone else’s life? Talk about a magical way to start the morning!

So, do Family Day like it’s meant to be done. Get about the magical way and appreciate your family for the legends they are. Family after all, is worth celebrating – so celebrate!

To book your family day out, and keep safe with Magic Transfers shuttle Service or call us on 011 548 0800.