The Magic of the Durban July! Travel like a star

The Magic of the Durban July! Travel like a star

The Magic of the Durban July- travel like the star you are!

With the Vodacom Durban July just around the corner, you’ve probably already selected your hat, decided on a dress and are ready to suit up for the most extravagant event on this year’s calendar.

If you haven’t, you best get going, because Durban’s event of the year is set to be more spectacular than ever with more stars set to pitch than ever before.

Here at Magic Transfers, we’re also getting ready, prepping for our spectacularly dressed customers and punctual airport transfers. With exorbitant taxi prices set to be rife, stressful swerving set to be standard, it’s no wonder we’re the most magical way to travel this 6 July – beautifully dressed and all!

The Magic of the Durban July! Travel like a star

Remember, you too can travel like a star this Durban July and here’s how you can:


  1. The Magic of the Durban July! Travel like a star1. Book in advance for the Durban July and don’t be left waiting!

With taxi services sure to be clogged, don’t be left waiting when the party is about to start. Worse, don’t be left alone when it’s ending and put yourself at risk of high prices or no lift at all.

Booked well in advance, our shuttle will be waiting just for you, with a driver you’ll already know. It’s the door-to-door service that makes us famous.

  1. Come in a group – we’ll be waiting at the airport!

It’s no wonder larger groups appreciate Magic Transfers too – with spacious vans like the 7 seater H1 bus and the 15 seater Mercedes Sprinter, we’re prepped more than most.

Indeed, it’s our very business to transport large groups safely. So, let’s get you there too – all friends included!

  1. Safety is our priority with all that stress on the road

The roads are going to be all clogged up – with traffic, with stress and worse, those who feel compelled to drive under the influence. This is not on and is exactly why Magic Transfers is all about safety!

Our drivers are regularly trained and hold a Professional Driver’s License. Yes, safety comes standard.



Don’t be left waiting or wanting this Durban July. With all the stars on show and the most spectacular fashion this side of the equator, getting to and from the biggest event of the year shouldn’t be a stress. It should be a relief.

Our professional transfers are professional for a reason: Our door-to-door airport shuttles are punctual to the core, so get there safely and stylishly. That’s what the stars do and so should you!

Book a Magic Transfer right now at or call us on 011 548 0800 | 021 505 6300 | 031 263 2647.

Now suit up and you do you!

The Magic of the Durban July! Travel like a star