7 tricks to keeping your kids occupied on the open road


The long road trip

Travelling with kids can be a challenge, especially the LONG ROAD TRIP. Are we there yet? is a movie that accurately shows what could happen if parents do not properly keep their kids entertained during long road trips. Achieving this, on the other hand, can be difficult as kids are easily distracted.

Before you decide to leave the kids at their grandparents or worse, an orphanage, for the holidays, look at these 7 tricks to keeping your kids occupied during long road trips.

  1. I spy a twist

Give your kids a camera or have them use their phones if you want to avoid fighting, and draw up a list of things they should snap a picture of while you are travelling. Examples may include a stop sign, the garage, lorry, Volkswagen Beetle etc. Make the list a long one and you will keep your kids occupied for several hours.

  1. Prepare a road trip goodie bag

Pack a lunch bag with some sweeties and fun toys. If you sense your kids are becoming bored, present them with their surprise and behold, a new spark of enthusiasm and another hour or so of peace inside the car.

  1. Grab at technology if you have to

With smartphones, tablets and portable DVD players, it is now possible to watch a movie anywhere in the world. Give your kids some earphones and put on a movie. It isn’t very educational or stimulating but hey, if it keeps them relaxed for an hour and a half while dad gets everyone to their destination in one piece, who are we to complain?

  1. Play a storytime CD

Stories are even better when someone reads them to you. Play them an audiobook and this will calm your children down in minutes. It won’t be long before they are out like candles. Make sure you have brought pillows, blankets and soft toys to make the nap extra comfortable.

  1. Bring in some glow in the dark magic

There is just something to swishing neon green and yellow sticks of light around in the dark. If you are travelling at night, glow in the dark sticks will keep your kids entertained and fascinated for a long while. This will also distract them from the scary darkness outside the window.

  1. Don’t forget a deck of cards

One pack of cards can provide children with countless hours of entertainment. The best part is that kids aren’t limited to one game, teach them a variety of games before going on holiday, and they will never get bored.

  1. Make a fun file

Download fun word games, puzzles and connect the dot images from the internet. Put them in a neat file. Each kid gets his or her own file with a pencil and there they have a variety of games to keep their minds and hands occupied.

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