How to get a good night’s rest in your car


Road trips are fun and spontaneous except if you miss the book in time at your hotel and you cannot find accommodation anywhere else. Or perhaps you would like to save some money, then sleeping in your car is the best option. Here follows a few tips for spending the night in your car.

Plan ahead

This starts way at the beginning when you do your packing. Include a sleeping bag or blankets and a pillow. These will keep you warm and as comfortable as possible. If you are driving with others, bring an extra pillow just in case someone forgot to bring theirs.

Don’t forget to bring a:

  • Flashlight
  • Bottle of water and cup to rinse and spit when brushing your teeth
  • Towels to cover the windows
  • Sunscreen and a floppy hat if you take a nap during the day

Be safe

If possible, sleep during the day when there is loads of activity around. You might also feel safer and fall asleep sooner in the daylight rather than the dark. Park your car under some shade and do not forget to put on sunscreen.

When sleeping at night, park in a 24-hour parking lot and avoid traffic and isolated places. Just make sure that overnight parking is allowed as some places have strict rules against it. Keep your doors locked at all times. When it is hot, you can open the window nearest to you a centimeter or so just to let in some air but try to keep the rest of the windows closed for extra safety.

Be Private

Some parking lots are near a gas station with a bathroom where you can wash your face and relieve yourself. When parking, try to park in such a way as to make it difficult for people to see inside your car. Cover your windows with a towel or cloth if you want to change clothes. The key is just to not draw a lot of attention towards yourself.

Get comfortable

If you have a bakkie with a canopy then you probably have the best sleeping arrangement since it is as close to the size of a mattress as possible. If not, then don’t go and buy yourself one for the occasion. Stretch out across the back seats and if you are sharing with someone then adjust your seat to a more reclined position.

Don’t fall asleep in too awkward a position in order to minimize the risk of waking up with cricks. Try sleeping with one of those airplane neck pillows. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, try playing some relaxing music or reading a book.

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