How to beat flying blues

Airplane over ocean.

Passenger airplane taking off from airport headed over the Pacific ocean.

Flying can be boring, especially long-distance flights. But luckily there are several solutions to this problem.

Below we will share some activities that you might want to keep in mind during your next flight.


  1. Remember the powerbank

As long as you take your power bank (or two, depending on the duration of the trip) your phone will keep you occupied. Make sure everything from your favourite tunes to your most entertaining game is on there waiting for you. It’s best to have several different apps on your phone, you know; in case you get bored. Chances are, you won’t be able to listen to too much music until you feel like playing a game. When you get bored with the game, you might want to watch a movie. Whichever way, transform your phone in an entertainment station for your flying pleasure.


  1. Get creative

If you are a creative person, you might want to try out your favourite hobby during your flight. Being creative can pass time without you realizing it. Whether you’re a writer, music producer, artist or even not a creative at all; you can always try new things on the flight. You know that one thing you want to try but never have the time to? Give that a go. Just make sure you don’t disrupt your fellow passengers.


  1. Do some planning

If creativity is really not your thing, why not do some planning. Few people realize this, but planning is essential for success to occur. By the way success does not necessarily refer to financial wealth and career status; it may refer to personal goals you would like to achieve and so forth. List your goals and spend the wealth of time you have on your hands on daydreaming about how you plan on achieving it. What makes this a fun activity is the fact that whenever we think of the en result, we get excited, in turn fuelling our motivation to stick to the plan. It’s an all-round good feeling activity.


  1. Ensure your post-flight arrangements are made

There’s nothing worse than landing in a new country or destination and being met by chaos. Travel arrangements are the most important. If you feel like getting the traveling done swiftly, book a shuttle. South Africa has shuttle services providers such as Magic Transfers, which ensures bored travelers can get to their destination as quickly as possible. Luckily for those individuals, they can travel in style and be treated like royalty during the trip.

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