Essentials every high-flyer should have in his airport carry-on


Clothes – check, underwear – check, dog fed – check. Your luggage is packed and you’ve prepared everything at home and at the office, now it’s off to catch your flight. How many times have you found yourself stuck on the plane having forgotten to pack something in your carry-on?

We’re here to ensure you remember to bring all of the essentials before your board your flight.

  • Bring bottled water, preferably with a filter which you can just refill with tap water.
  • Remember to keep all of the important documents for your trip on you. These include: passport, plane tickets, wallet, hotel reservation details and so forth.
  • Extra work to keep you busy if you’re embarking on a business trip. This may include reports, meeting notes, emails etc. A flight is your perfect opportunity to get some work done in peace.
  • USB cable to charge your phone. Keep your phone charger with you in your bag in the event your phone dies on you mid-flight.
  • Be sure to keep your most valuable items in your carry bag. These items may include jewellery, credit cards, camera, laptop etc. Anything that’s known to get stolen out of suitcases should be kept on your person at all times.
  • Something to entertain you. Be it a book, or a movie on your laptop, you need something to keep you busy during the flight.
  • Travel toiletries. When you’ve been flying for hours you’ll probably want to freshen up before disembarking. Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste and facial wipes to freshen up in the event you have to meet someone right after your flight.
  • Translation book. This is optional but if you’re travelling to a foreign country, a flight might be the perfect time to brush up on some common Spanish or Italian phrases.
  • A change of clothes and underwear appropriate to the location you’ll be landing in. Say you are departing from a country in summer and landing in a country in winter, you’ll want to change into a jacket.
  • Pack any medications you might require in your carry-on. You can also pack something for nausea or headaches; just make sure the packaging is very visible as you don’t want to suffer any complications with customs.
  • A snack. Airport food might be dreary or the munchies might settle in at the worst possible moment. Pack a snack to keep the hunger pains at bay.
  • Sunglasses and a scarf, be it material or knitted, both will come in handy if you’re trying to sleep or need to cover up before entering religious grounds.


What essentials do you think every high flyer should have in his or her carry-on bag.