Magic Transfers Transporting Essential Services in the time of COVID-19

Transport for essential services during covid19

Magic Transfers Transporting Essential Services in the time of COVID-19

In an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, South Africa went into lockdown from 27 March 2020. Life as we know it has changed – but for essential services workers, it is business as usual in very unusual circumstances.

So now, in a time of necessity for essential employees needing to get to and from work, businesses need to look at alternative and innovative means to ensure their staff have a safe means to do so.

That is where Magic Transfers comes in.

Magic Transfers is offering your business a shuttle transport solution in the time of COVID-19. With depots located in major hubs of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, Magic Transfers is the safe and reliable shuttle service solution for your staff during this difficult time.

So. how can we help you and your business in the time of COVID-19?

Magic Transfers Transporting Essential Services in the time of COVID-19

  1. Magic Transfers is a Division of Unitrans Passenger Group

As a division of the Unitrans Passenger group housing names such as Mega Coach, Mega Bus Greyhound and Citiliner, Bonjanala; Magic Transfers is a reliable and convenient shuttle solution for your business. For more information on Unitrans Passenger, click here.

Unitrans Passenger is a specialised service offering focused on innovation, safety, service and cost optimisation. This has resulted in the division’s positioning as a market leader providing world-class passenger services to customers in Southern Africa’s markets.


  1. Variety of fleet to transport Essential Services

Magic Transfers can cater to all your business transport needs during this time. We have a variety of fleet for small to larger groups. Our fleet goes through a thorough deep cleaning process before each departure, giving you as a business and your staff peace of mind knowing they are being transported in a sterile environment which, during this time, is essential.

Follow this link for more information on our first-class fleet options:


  1. Service with a difference 

During this very uncertain time, it is integral to have service you can count on. Our shuttle transport solutions can be tailor-made to suit your businesses requirements and needs. Furthermore, our shuttles are operated by exceptional and professional PDP drivers thus allowing you peace of mind that your staff are in capable hands travelling with peace of mind in comfort in a sterile environment.

Magic Transfers Transporting Essential Services in the time of COVID-19


To start the conversation and see how we can help you with transporting your essential staff in the time of COVID-19 contact:

Zeljka Spoja


Tel: 066 476 1091

Francois Swartz


Cel:  083 375 8394



083 386 8172



083 386 8182

Cape Town:


083 386 8160


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