Cruise with Magic Transfers to the docks in Durban

Cruise with Magic Transfers to get you to the docks in Durban

Take a cruise from Durban. Here are 3 reasons why Magic Transfers should get you to the docks.

Taking a romantic cruise in Durban, South Africa, is perhaps the dreamiest thing that you can do. Indeed, when haven’t endless horizons and lazy days been a dreamy hit? For as long as ships have been luxurious, they’ve also been romantic and we couldn’t be more sure that you’ve made the right choice to escape the city and head for the seas!

Cruising is not only romantic but a great getaway for the whole family too! From an array of onboard activities and facilities catering for adults and children alike, cruising is an experience like no other. Endless sea views, porting in different locations to enjoy a day of fun at white sandy beaches in some of the best destinations in the Indian ocean, cruising is a special and fun way to travel.

As such, transport getting there shouldn’t be any different. With door-to-door services or airport to the docks shuttles, Magic Transfers is here to make sure that you find your way – there and back, door-to-door, lover to lover.

With Magic Transfers, transport has never felt so reliable and never looked this professional.

Cruise with Magic Transfers to the docks in Durban

1. Don’t let the romance leave without you. Timely shuttles are what we do!

With our book-in-advance offering, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t miss a beat – or the boat. From your door to the Durban docks, from the plane to the ship, our shuttle will be waiting specifically for you – always on time.

When you get back, fear not. Timely as ever, look out for our shuttle to keep the romance rolling. Door-to-door makes it easy.


2. Safety and professionalism come standard. Romance is just a bonus!

Here’s a magic fact: All our drivers have a professional driver’s licence and are trained annually. All our vehicles are fitted with 24-hour tracking services to ensure passenger safety.

The rest? Well, that’s up to you. Chat with your cruise liner about the romantic things that you can do. Then, chat to us about your shuttle to the harbour to arrive at the start of your Durban cruise safely. Don’t forget to book your return trip to have us ready and waiting at the docks for your return to shuttle you back to your next destination. Yes, it is as easy and stress-free as that. No rushing around returning rental cars before boarding your cruise, doesn’t that sound magical?


3. Cruising in Durban costs good money. Don’t let unforeseen transport costs spoil the romance.

When shuttling with us, rest assured that you won’t spend more than you bargained for. For this is certain: You’ll know all of your shuttle prices upfront before you even meet us – including your driver’s details before you even shake their hand. Professionalism and transparency are key tenets of our business. Writing blogs about romance and gentle seas is just a hobby…

For a safe, reliable and professional shuttle solution, Magic Transfers is all that you’ll need. From the airport to Durban harbour, from your door to the dock, we have you covered. Whether from O.R. Tambo, King Shaka or Cape Town International, our airport shuttle services are the cream of the crop – for businessmen, for families and couples too.

So are you heading for a Durban cruise? Here’s what to do. Book us at or call us on 011 548 0800.


Cruise with Magic Transfers to the docks in DurbanCruise with Magic Transfers to the docks in Durban