Make Magic this Valentine’s Day and head-out with us

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Pop open that bottle of champagne and celebrate: Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to throw on that dust-collecting dress, tighten that once-forgotten tie and make a romantic and delicious night of it. Romance is best experienced to the ambience of a great restaurant. Getting there and back shouldn’t be a love-spoiler – it should be a love maker!

At Magic Transfers, we’re all about making your Valentine’s Day as magical as it can be. For the sake of love, we’re not just offering the usual – you know, our timely and reliable transfers between romantic places.

We’re also offering advice:  Not dating advice. That’s your business. Culinary tips on where to make the magic happen.

For your dating and food-loving convenience. Here are nine restaurants that will make any Valentine’s date that much more magical. Without a doubt, it will be our pleasure taking you to each.

If you’re in scenic and unforgettable Cape Town, try…

Mondiall Kitchen at the Waterfront

Few settings can stir-up the love as much as the sea-reflecting lights of a harbour. This setting is no different. Mondiall, an exquisite dining spot for everything from authentic Cape Malay cuisine to Mediterranean, is just the place to spawn (or respawn?) a harbour love. Average cost per couple? R630 for two. Lovely.

Myoga in Newlands

Situated in the stunning Vineyard Hotel and boasting a striking mountain view. Myoga offers a blended cuisine that both excites the eye and tantalises the taste buds. From Asian – through the Mediterranean and down to Africa. The food is quite exquisite and well worth it at an average of R450 per couple.


NV 80 at Sea Point

Known for its Cuban touches. This oasis, situated in the energy of sun-setting Sea Point is a hot spot for the most succulent steaks in Cape Town. Complemented with a seafood offering too. It’s an ambience you’ll never forget. Enjoy it with your partner for an average of R550 per couple.

If you’re in tropical and sun-soaked Durban, try…

The Ocean Terrace  in Umhlanga


Breath-taking (and devilishly romantic) views of our ever-warm east coast seas. The Ocean Terrace, situated in the Oyster Box Hotel, is an all-round romantic experience, offering continental cuisines at an average cost of R500 per couple.

Fiamma Grill in Ballito

Hidden away in the Coco De Mer Boutique Hotel, is an Italian gem of extraordinary Mediterranean flavour. Situated just north of Durban city. Fiamma Grill in Ballito offers exceptional Italian cuisine on the tip of Africa. It’s well worth any date night, not to mention Valentine’s Day!

Château Gâteaux Patisserie in Morningside

The best dates are dates sprinkled in sugar and the Patisserie in Morningside is certainly the sweetest of them all. Enjoy a dessert for two with a signature selection of sinfully delicious gateaux, as mesmerising to behold as it is to taste. Love is always in the air here!

If you’re in electric and energetic Jo’burg, try…

Pigalle in Melrose Arch


Few nationalities offer as flavour-filled food and distinct tastes than the food-loving Portuguese. If it’s Portuguese you want, then Pigalle is your spot. Romantically situated in the cobbled streets of Melrose Arch. Pigalle boasts private balconies overlooking the piazza. It will be an absolute lover’s treat this Valentine’s Day.

Gemelli Cucina Bar in Bryanston

With fantastic reviews about the city of gold. It goes without saying that the food is well-loved enough for a visit any time of the year. If you’ve never been, this Valentine’s Day will be even more romantic to the taste of Italian. At R450 per couple on average, it’s affordable too!

Wombles in Bryanston

A setting reminiscent of a time long gone; designed as a deeply intimate space, which seems to accentuate its flavour and energy. Wombles is Johannesburg all wrapped up into one. A restaurant defined by its hospitality, and renowned for its diversity of tastes. This Valentine’s Day, stop in for a romantic visit…

Don’t take your eyes off of each other this Valentine’s Day. Why not enjoy that love bubble and let us do the driving? Book with us today at or call us on 011 548 0800