Best snack packs for your next road trip


Can you hear your stomach growling on the open road? Are the hunger pains getting too much? Before you run into a stop sign from starvation, you might want to turn right around, head back home and use some of these nifty ideas to packing the perfect snacks for the road.

Go nuts

Hazel nuts, whole nuts, peanuts, no matter the kind, they are a great alternative to chips. Stop by the grocery store and buy yourself a packet of trail mix. Have you ever heard of caramelized pecan nuts? If not then you must be crazy. Just buy some, taste it and remember to thank us for the near heavenly experience.

Make some bewitching sandwiches

You can put literally anything on a sandwich. Ham, chicken from last night, roast beef, whatever tickles your fancy. Just slather it with your best sauce and remember to put a slice of lettuce on just for the health factor. Slice it up into neat little triangles, this way you can easily handle it while driving.

Food for the fingers

Think of packing any food that is easy to handle while on the road. Chicken strips, mini cheese grillers, fish cakes and meatballs are all extremely delicious options. Add a dip sauce and you won’t be able to keep your fingers out of the food.

Keep the buzz going

The coffee flask is probably the best invention since the light bulb. You can fill it with a lot of coffee, it stays warm and it has a cup screwed on for a cap. For a cooler option, pack some water or juice.

Keep an eye on your intake though, you don’t want to be racing for the nearest bathroom every second hour. Put your water in the freezer overnight for an ice cold drink to cool down when you are trying to save on petrol money by driving with the AC off.

Go bananas … or apples, whichever you prefer

Fruit is a healthier option as opposed to candy and there is a near infinite variety to choose from. Apples, peaches and bananas can be packed and enjoyed with the minimum of fuss plus, they are packed with vitamins. If you can’t choose, make a fruit salad. To keep your fruit from going brown, just squeeze a bit of lemon juice over it. By the way, stay clear of prunes…

Beef up

Now, we are just saving the ultimate of snacks for last … biltong! There is no better snack to get you in the vacation groove than some authentic South African biltong. You can buy some at your local butchery or at selected supermarkets. Keep that brown bag close to your hand and enjoy.

Do you want to know the best way to enjoy all of these snacks? Answer, in the backseat of your Magic Transfers shuttle on the way to the airport because who are we kidding? Flying to your holiday destination is so much easier. Contact us today 011 548 0800 |