Airport safety tips you should be aware of when travelling

Always be mindful of safety in airports whilst travelling, especially if it is to a country you have not been to before.

When preparing to travel, you’d no doubt hear warnings about travel scams from friends and experienced travellers. However, few people consider the traps that lie ahead when embarking on your trip, traps that start at the airport. Allow Magic Transfers to enlighten you on some of the airport scams you should look out for.

Luggage overweight at the airport? Are you sure?

Airport safety tips you should be aware of when travellingIt is important to check your airline’s restrictions when it comes to luggage. How many suitcases can each person bring and how much can each suitcase weigh? Packing for your trip can be stressful… do you really need that huge winter snow jacket for “just-in-case” on your summer holiday to South Africa? NO! You know those 10 pairs of pants and 7 pairs of shorts you packed for your 4 day trip? You will not wear them all! So, once you have packed everything you have decided you need (still probably too much) in your check-in luggage, and it fits (YAY!), do you have any idea how much your luggage weighs?

We’re not saying this happens at all airports but is has been known to happen at the more scaly ones. Counter attendants don’t reset the scale before they weigh your luggage and before you know it, your bags are suddenly overweight and you’re being over-charged for it.

We highly recommend weighing your own luggage before you arrive at the airport to ensure you have an idea of what your luggage weighs so that when you are at the airport and they show you the weight, you are able to identify if this is within the range you weighed at home and can ask for them to re-weigh your luggage.

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Keep small amounts of cash on you

Rather than keeping your laden wallet in your back pocket, stock it with a few notes and stash your wallet in a safer place. This way, if you do get confronted by a robber, you can hand over the cash and get out of harm’s way. Just be creative with where you do stash your wallet though.

Airport safety tips you should be aware of when travelling

Did someone say free Wi-Fi at the airport?

Airport safety tips you should be aware of when travelling

Hackers are always setting traps for unsuspecting internet users and it’s no different at the airport. They set up networks marked as ‘free’ and once you connect to it, they start stealing your information. So, here’s a tip. Protect yourself by switching off automatic connections and do your research first. Find out if the airport indeed has free Wi-Fi and what it’s called.

Keep valuables hidden

As soon as you flaunt your diamond ring, Incarnation jacket or Tag Heuer watch, you are willingly inviting criminals to take it off your hands. Be sure to keep all these valuables out of public sight until you are in a more controlled area.

Airport safety tips you should be aware of when travelling

Don’t text while walking

This ties in well with the above, but it can lead to more serious repercussions. Much like driving, walking while texting or checking your Facebook/ emails, makes you less aware of your surroundings. Not only does this give thieves ample opportunity to grab your smartphone or tablet, it also opens up the door for pocket-picking or other petty theft.

Of course, there’s got to be a taxi scam

Some taxi’s at the airport ate unlicensed and some set flat-rates that exceed those of the metered taxis. Someone will even take you on an unnecessarily long route, and some are not even taxi’s at all. Instead of putting yourself through the financial loss and danger, it is imperative to arrange your airport shuttle before you have even touched down! With Magic Transfers, you will know your airport shuttle costs upfront plus have a complimentary meet and greet at arrivals to take you to and from the airport safely without the hassle of trying to find a taxi.

Magic Transfers shuttle operates from OR Tambo International Airport, Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, King Shaka International Airport in Durban and Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town. Plus we can shuttle or chauffeur you anywhere in between.

Our highly trained professional chauffeurs will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel, restaurant or business conference.

So there you have our top airport safety tips.

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