A salute to women! 5 incredible ladies to celebrate Women’s Day

A salute to women! 5 incredible ladies to celebrate Women’s Day

We’re eight months into the year and we’re celebrating again! This time though, it’s extra special.

Yes, it’s Women’s Day on 9 August. If that’s not worth celebrating, what is? Without a doubt, their perseverance through the ages is unmatched and is a testament to their strength across the world. Here in South Africa, they’re also honoured within the broader context of a moral victory:

In 1956 protesting women participating in a national march. This was to demonstrate their utter distaste for the apartheid law that required black people to carry a pass. It was an extraordinary show of collective courage in a time that needed it most. And many risked their lives even showing face.

Now, to show more of those brave and brilliant female faces from around the world, we pay a magical tribute to 5 extraordinary women that changed our world forever.

Here’s to them!

  1. Winnie Madikilzela-Mandela, a mother who fought for peace

A salute to women! 5 incredible ladies to celebrate Women’s Day Some women require no introduction at all and none more so that Mama Winnie. Her strength through the years was an extraordinary show of female courage, made stronger by her utter determination to never fail at achieving her dream: A free South Africa. For many, she will go down as the bravest woman of all time.




  1. Lillian Gilbreth, an inventor who made our lives easier

 When it comes to resourcefulness and sheer practicality, it’s worth mentioning the unassuming genius of Lillian Gilbreth. In the early 1900s, she designed, among many other things, the shelves inside your fridge doors made the can-opener easier to use and gave us the foot-pedal dustbin. It might seem inconsequential really, but when you consider life without her inventions, only then do you begin to appreciate them…


  1. Katherine Switzer, an athlete who made us believeA salute to women! 5 incredible ladies to celebrate Women’s Day


In 1967 Kathrine became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, despite every attempt to stop her. Indeed, with female athletes now part of our staple sporting diet, it seems crazy that there was ever a time when women were excluded, but without Katherine, it might never of happened. Her strength showed us, quite literally, that women can do it too and that any other thought that suggested otherwise was downright ridiculous.


  1. Nicky Newton-King, a businesswoman on the top of Africa

Nicky Newton-King is the first woman to run the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Africa’s largest, in its 124-year history. She, along with her female counterparts, international and national, are part of a new era that will bring economic success to new parts all over the world, forged and directed by a lady’s touch. Watch this space…

  1. Nancy Johnson, the sweetest woman to ever live

A salute to women! 5 incredible ladies to celebrate Women’s DayIn 1843 our lives changed forever when Nancy, an American, invented something sweeter than ever before. Well, technically she invented the machine to make it when she designed and patented the first ever hand-operated ice cream maker. Generations later and it is still in sweet use so it begs the question: Can we ever thank her enough?

There you have it. Five of a billion brilliant women that have helped create our world and continue to make it what it is: A better place for all!

Cheers to them and cheers to you. From the most magical way to get around Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, to you, the person who appreciates easy transfers – Happy Women’s Day!


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