5 team building events to get your office motivated!

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So, morale is a bit down at the office. Not a problem – it happens!  Whether you’re an employee being worked to the bone or a CEO anxious about your next big deal, sometimes all you need is a reset: A moment to step away from the office to recharge, recalibrate and reconnect.

Often, a good solution is a powerful team building event, which can rejuvenate any working environment, ease any lingering tensions and maximise the work flow back at the office. But, with so many options out there, what’s the best solution for your work space, your employees and your colleagues?

Here at Magic Transfers, where our office is always on the road working hard for you, we’ve suggested five team-building events that can motivate your office today. Choose one and we’ll get you there as soon as tomorrow if you’d like. Or, as you’ll learn in suggestion 5, why not make a race of it. The magical choice is yours…

  1. Rock Climbing – the art of support

Any team building event is most beneficial when it involves working the body as well as the mind. Not only is rock climbing mentally challenging, it’s also good for you, a whole lot of fun and embodies a team ethic.

Supporting a colleague by ropes for example, and directing their hands and feet while they quite literally climb a rock face, is something that builds patience and understanding – and of course, a deep sense of trust.

Check out some popular rock-climbing destinations in a South African city near you. Some popular climbing spots include CityRock, HangTime and the Southern Rock Climbing Centre.



2. Paintball – the art of strategy

There is nothing quite as good for team-building than the fear of being shot by a paintball. But, paintball is so much more than that and paintball enthusiasts will tell you why: It’s a strategic game built on trust and team planning.

Capturing the flag requires a team effort, a whole lot of planning and most often, a very brave colleague. Regardless, you’ll learn all about each other during the process and grow to understand each other in a refreshing and unique environment. Oh – and it’s really enjoyable by the way!

There are several paintball arenas in the major cities all across South Africa so Google a few, get booking and we’ll get you there!

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3. Self-defence – a sense of empowerment

Self-defence is more than about learning to defend yourself. It’s about pushing your boundaries and empowering yourself with a life-long skill, and then, learning to apply that skill and confidence in your everyday life.

It helps that learning self-defence can be a whole lot of fun too and physically rewarding. The art of self-defence is especially powerful for the office that needs a creative way to relieve anxiety and build confidence.

Corporate team-building by self-defence is offered by the likes of TransforNation. Find out more at www.tfnation.co.za


4. A Sports Day – to blow off some steam

Sometimes, the easiest way to motivate an office team is by creating one on the field. By recreating a school throw back – an annual sports day – you can easily relieve tensions and blow off some steam. Perhaps the most attractive part about it is the variety available to you. Implementing different sports can appeal to different colleagues throughout the office. A good tip here is to include a rival company or franchise to build a sense of belonging within your own.

Our tip: Look to implement a cost-effective sports day at a local park or school.

5. Your very own Amazing Race – when one event is not enough

You probably know the Amazing Race well. The award-winning series that sees people team up to take on events across the world, in one epic race. In our version, we challenge any company to set out and design a local Amazing Race that can be completed in a day. Perhaps you can look to merge some of the above suggestions, and set tasks to be completed before the next one is tackled.

Either way, let our team handle the transfers to get your teams from place to place – safely and soundly.

Sometimes, all you need is a team-building event to remind you how brilliant your colleagues and employees can be. So, go on. Remind yourself. Remind them – and allow us to get you there. For more information on how to book the transfers that will get your office to its team-building event, visit www.magictransfers.co.za or call us on 011 548 0800