5 Father’s Day adventures to celebrate our favourite men

Father’s Day

With 17 June just around the corner, we’re all thinking about Dad! Yes, the Old Man, Pa, Pops, uBaba, the man who we love and respect more than any other; the man who helped forge and support us.

But, what on earth can you do this Father’s Day to say thanks? How can you set this day apart from all others and truly tell him that you love him? Well, it certainly helps that dads tend to be a whole lot of fun, in a whole lot of ways…

So, whether he’s the quiet type and just likes to relax, or the adventure-guru who enjoys to keep you on your toes, here are 5 magical ideas to make this Father’s Day the most memorable one yet.

So, get your Magic on! It’s Father’s Day with Magic Transfers.

  1. A bruising day out! Paintball is always a winner…

Father’s DayIt’s a bruiser, there’s no doubt about that! But maybe it’s all Dad wants – to feel young again and get that heart pumping! So go on, get loaded and start aiming. This is the youngest he’ll feel in years and the best type of sore you’ll feel all week…

Indeed, the best memories are waiting for Dad on the paintball field! The question is, will you be?

  1. Eating out – a lunch time wind down…

Take it easy, why don’t you? The old man might just want to relax! So let him. Pick an unforgettable lunch spot, let us get you safely there, and then reminisce about the crazier times (perhaps that paintball adventure?).

Have a laugh! It’s your magical Dad’s day out…

  1. Pedal to the metal! Can you finally beat Dad at go-carting?

Father’s DaySpeed it up again! Who needs to relax after a safe, comfortable and easy Magic Transfer to your nearest Go-Cart track? Jip, the time has come to step it up and prove to Dad once and for all that you can win. So do it! Keep steady. Eyes on the road – and pedal to the metal!

Question is this: Can you beat him this time? Good luck!

  1. Take a hike! In a hiking reserve…

Woah! Slow it down. It’s Dad time after all, and hiking might be more his speed. If it is, there are plenty hiking trails all about that will suit any adventure-loving dad looking for some leg-stretching fun. From the Magaliesburg to the Cape Mountains, when was the last time you and Dad took an unforgettable walk?

Yes, Magic Transfers is all about those outdoor adventures too, so climb aboard!

  1. Get inside! It’s freezing out…

Hiking, he chuckles. Are you mad? Why not a movie? Warm and entertaining, it might be everything Dad wants. And hey, if he really wants to watch that war-time drama, that ridiculous action, or perhaps that never-tell-anyone-RomCom, well, it’s his day out and let him have it!

So, go on, request a Magic Transfer ride this 17 June and spoil him with a movie.

Ask yourself: When was the last time you spoilt Dad? Whatever you decide, getting there and back shouldn’t be your worry. That’s our worry. Your worry? How on Earth are you going to entertain Dad this time?

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Happy Father’s Day!