4 Popular transport options in South Africa


South Africa might not have the best transport infrastructure in the world, but it offers locals and travelers alike many options to choose from.

From the buzzing Johannesburg traffic, to Cape Town’s laid-back highways, public and private transport can always be spotted on SA’s roads.

Let’s look at some unique transport options available to corporate and leisure travelers.


  1. Taxi’s

It might not be the most favourite vehicles on local roads, but these minibuses are widely used. Typically used by working class South Africans, these taxi’s are everywhere. The drivers of these vehicles also don’t wait to be waved down. They often would just hoot at pedestrians and wait for a response. By gesture of a hand signal, they’ll stop and pick up pedestrians. The new passenger gets charged a fee which a few coins should cover, and move along. These taxi’s are not always considered the safest method of transport, but they sure make our roads more interesting.


  1. Taxi Cabs

This industry is dominated predominantly by private vehicle owners and their rates might just be the most expensive when it comes to short-distance travel. They wait outside shopping malls and public spaces and typically have a yellow cone on their vehicle’s roof. If you’re in a hurry and see one of these standing about, they might just be your last resort.


  1. The Gautrain

This public transport system links Pretoria to Johannesburg, making it the perfect commute for people living and working in either of these two Gauteng Province towns. The rules are strict and rates aren’t of the most affordable, but it is considered an upper-class method of transport. It travels to and from OR Thambo International Airport and Park Station too.


  1. Magic Transfers

Magic Transfers services the business class and offers services such as airport transfers, chauffeur services, door to door services and the popular Sun City Shuttle. While they might be known for their shuttle services, their fleet consists of a variety of vehicles that will impress even the most classy business traveler.


While there might be several options available to travelers, only one option will truly suit the business travelers’ needs.

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