10 Restaurants women will adore


Gentlemen, we all know the road to a lady’s heart runs through our stomach. Don’t let her fool you. She enjoys a good meal just as much as the next man, especially if said meal is served at a fancy restaurant.

Whether you’re out to treat your mother on Mother’s Day, planning a spectacular anniversary or preparing for a first date, let us show you where to take the women of your heart.

  1. Chef’s Warehouse & Canteen – Cape Town

What to order for her: Tapas for 2 (a romantic selection of dishes that will intrigue all tastes)

Something sweet: Passionfruit crème brûlée with passion fruit ice cream

  1. DW Eleven-13 – Johannesburg

What to order for her: Mauritian Sea Bass

Something sweet: Petit Fours (perfect ending to the perfect Mother’s Day celebration)

  1. Greenhouse – Cape Town

What to order for her: Springbok marinated and accompanied by all things lovely and intoxicating to the senses. Vegetarians should peruse the “African Gatherer” menu

Something sweet: Anything that looks like art on a plate should impress her

  1. Jordan Restaurant – Stellenbosch

What to order for her: Cheese and wine pair marvellously, especially if you want to impress her with your more refined side

Something sweet: Order a pastry of the chocolate persuasion at the bakery

  1. Overture – Stellenbosch

What to order for her: Chalmar sirloin, cauliflower and hot smoked short rib croquette

Something sweet: Pavlova, strawberries, coral cake, cherries, peanut crumble. Because why wouldn’t you pair coral cake with peanut crumble?

  1. Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient – Pretoria

What to order for her: Duck, Plum and Suurvygies (don’t mind the titles of the dishes, just focus on the mouth-watering descriptions)

Something sweet: A heavenly chocolate creation

  1. The Test Kitchen – Cape Town

What to order for her: Lamb Minestrone

Something sweet: Chamomile ice cream accompanied by a cardamom and brown butter sponge cake

  1. Le Delices de France – Johannesburg

What to order for her: Pork Neck

Something sweet: Pancake soufflé with strawberries

  1. The Kitchen at Maison – Franschhoek

What to order for her: Sumptuous prawns (don’t forget the wine. You will be dining in Franschhoek after all)

Something sweet: Hazelnut and chocolate waffle (what’s up with the waffles? We know, right?)

  1. Camphors at Vergelegen – Somerset West

What to order for her: Karoo Lamb

Something sweet: African Origin Chocolate, peanut and banana (we don’t care about the origins so long as it is tasty deluxe)

We’ve only covered ten of the best restaurants in South Africa. There are so many more gems that would delight any taste. Keep exploring and don’t deprive your taste buds of experiencing new things.

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