7 Pro Golf etiquette tips


When you first step onto that golf course with your business associates or client, you are looking to impress them. You have the outfit right all the way from cap to shoes. You just spent a fortune on new clubs. Let the games begin…

Hold on right there. Golf is a gentleman’s sport and there are a few basic etiquette rules you ought to keep in mind before you embarrass yourself in front of the big guys.

  1. Turn of your cell phone

Don’t be that person who ruins someone else’s shot with a ringing cellphone. You are conducting business on the golf course and it should not be interrupted by calls coming from the office. Tell your PA to take messages. Respect the peace and the silence required for the other players to take their shot.

  1. Look the part

Just as you would dress for success for a meeting, be dressed to win for the golf course. Straighten your cap and tuck in your shirt. Wear clean shoes and a crisp, ironed shirt. You can never go wrong with a good first impression. Said impression may just land you a big sale or client.

  1. Drive your cart like a smooth Cadillac

Racing to see who gets to the next hole first is not part of the game of golf. Take it easy, don’t speed and leave tyre tracks in the grass. Avoid wet areas and drive in a single file out to the fairway before heading off into a different direction.

  1. Be a good sport and lend a hand

Nobody likes a bad sport. Help search for missing balls and if one of your associates lands a brilliant shot, do congratulate them. In fact, this tip presents a golden opportunity to suck up to prospective clients or your boss. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right?

  1. Don’t be the slowest player

Make sure you’ve practised your shots weeks before the game so that you don’t end up missing shots and embarrassing yourself. Don’t make a show out of the swing. Pick the correct club, aim, swing swiftly and see where the ball lands. Next player, please.

  1. Always replace your divots

After your shot, you can replace the divot by kicking in the turf around the edges of the divot with the toe of your shoe. Some courses provide soil on their carts in which case you can simply fill the divot with the soil.

  1. There is a line you should never cross

Do not step over the line that connects the other players’ balls to the hole. Should your ball land in another player’s line, mark your ball. Never stand in a spot that might distract another player and do not move or make noise when the person is preparing to put. You are allowed to breathe, and that’s it.

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