24 hour customer service: Johannesburg: 083 386 8172 Durban: 083 386 8182 Cape Town: 083 386 8160

24 hour customer service: Johannesburg: 083 386 8172 Durban: 083 386 8182 Cape Town: 083 386 8160

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Magic Transfers is the airport shuttle, corporate transfer or event transfer service for you.

Magically simple and easy to book, our airport shuttle, corporate transfer and event transfer services cover Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Our service runs every hour of every day; every day of every travel-filled year. We are your convenient, 365-24-7 airport shuttle and transfer solution.

Convenient enough for those solo explorers, corporate enough for those business types – and of course, safe enough to bring your family along too – there is quite literally a magic shuttle solution for every traveller out there. From the departure lounge to the arrival hall, from your door to -where you need to be, we’ve got you covered – safely and soundly.

Magic Cars


Magic Vans


Expect complimentary meet-and-greet services at all our major airports, standard, when you book with us.

Our trained and professional chauffeurs ensure safety with a smile:


Magic drivers are trained annually; each hold a valid Professional Driving License(PDP).

Airport shuttles, corporate and event transfer services. 1

Driver’s details are supplied to clients before every trip, ensuring transparency and convenience.


24 hour vehicle tracking is standard.

Airport shuttles, corporate and event transfer services. 2

24 hour customer service is standard.

Johannesburg: 083 386 8172

Durban: 083 386 8182

Cape Town: 083 386 8160

About Magic Transfers

Magic Transfers has been a staple part of the South African airport transfer business for as long as it has been convenient. Countless travellers, businessmen and families have used our services and our seatbelts, and we expect countless more to benefit from the ease of our timely convenience in an increasingly busy and traffic-choked South Africa.

Where roads around our airports require expert and local knowledge to traverse them quickly and safely, it helps that our transfers do not add to the heavy baggage of travel with anxiety, but ease it rather with structure and professionalism, freeing our clients of travelling distress.

As part of the  KAP / Unitrans group, we are seasoned professionals that take our business extremely seriously. When you transfer with Magic Transfers, it is more than just a lift. For our clients, far and wide, who rightly and always demand professionalism – in a world where ‘catching a lift’ is just a fingertip away – Magic Transfers demands that it remains more than just a lift.  When you land, our Airport Shuttle will be there.

Yes, when you land, we will be there. When you need us, we will be available. We are quite literally, your every-hour and convenient shuttle solution.

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